Sve na 4 i Sve na 6

all on four and all on six

Sve na 4 i Sve na 6

The all on 4 and 6 treatment include a prosthesis an artificial body part that replace the missing body part in dentistry it is used to describe the dental implants which consist of either 4 or 6 sometime 8 implanted screw which then connected to abutment part to place the crown on top of it to fill gap cause by missing teeth. Usually, it is not a cheap treatment to go for but in Turkey you can get the best treatment along with the state-of-the-art technology at very affordable cost probably the 3 times less compare to other European countries.

Procedure includes 4 or 6 implants which act as a pillar for the remaining teeth arch.  Instead of having an implant for each tooth this method would be preferable for those who lost more than 4 or 5 teeth in each jaw.

Latest techniques

All on 4 and 6 is considered to be one of the latest techniques to for implant dental restoration beside the process in which each implant is placed separately. Which treatment suits you best will be decided after the consultation with dentist.


There is no restriction concerning to age factor those who have lost their teeth in early age can also be a good candidate for all on 4 and 6, provided that you can follow up with your dentist for routine check-up to avoid any complications.


Treatment complications

One can never eliminate the risk of failure there is always a possibility of error. For instance, an infection could be occurred around the implant area this is due to bad oral hygiene and other habits. It’s better to put a crown veneer after the bone healed placing an implant immediately cause more harm than benefit. Dentists need to make sure that you have enough bone left to support implant less sufficient bone cannot integrate with implant properly.


Advantage and disadvantage

Unlike the full smile makeover treatment all on 4 and 6 provide a complete redesign smile with the help of just 4 or 6 implants. People gain their confidence and rejoice the activities which they could only think off. Also, the substantial change occurs in oral health.

Poor oral hygiene cause implants treatment to fail also the bone should be enough to hold Implants together. You cannot bite hard substance like you used to be before need to be more cautious than ever it might cause them to move or break once they are new or in a healing period. 


Recovery time or healing time

Generally, it would take 4-6 month to heal completely. In this period your bone started to integrate with implants, and you are feeling more relieve than ever. Your biting force regain with time and getting better day by day.

It usually takes 2 months to integrate with bone you may feel slight discomfort and pain which is normal and can be counter by pain killers and other medicines.
After one year or between these periods routine check-up will made to ensure implants work properly. If taken care and follow up with dentist and his instruction, make them last lifelong.  

People might feel pain and discomfort in the mouth. Swelling is also very common in implant treatment because the procedure requires a small surgery to put the implants in jawbone.

Side Effects

It may get loose and start moving which cause pain while eating also bacteria start to build up below the implant part if it happens. Breath and bad taste occur in mouth swollen gum can lead to pus and bleeding if not address timely.

It is required a small surgery or incision to place the implant in jawbone local anaesthesia will be provided to keep the process minimally invasive and painless. After the procedure pain killers will be provided to keep the effect of pain as low as possible.

Turkey Cost price

Cost may vary depending on which clinic you choose to go for. Expect to pay around $400- $500 for each implant, in USA cost of all on 4 will start from $20000-$30000 which include scan and temporary teeth so does in Turkey.

Yes, they are safe. İt work same like normal implants and are made from the same materials which means they can last lifelong

Yes, somewhat a portion of complete treatment is covered by some insurance company like normal dental implants. Consulting with your insurance provider is must

The cost depends on the clinic and the country you choose to get the treatment. On an average cost start from $12000 – $20000. İn Turkey the cost of treatment started from $5000 – $7000 generally

They are designed in a way to give you maximum comfort like natural teeth, you can bite in a same manner with increase force as before and can have the sensation to enjoy food and drinks

Yes, they are permeant like normal implant unless they failed later on or an early stage they don’t need to be replaced

Procedure includes 4 or 6 implants which act as a pillar for the remaining teeth arch.  Instead of having an implant for each teeth this method would be preferable for those who lost more than 4 or 5 teeth in a jaw.

You will be provided sedation for the whole treatment/surgery. The process will be painless as much as possible. After surgery you may experience soreness and swelling which will go away in coming weeks

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