Povećanje penisa

penis enlargement

Povećanje penisa

Penile lengthening surgery (ligamentotomy) with an extender. Penis lengthening surgery is the most effective way to increase the size of the penis. On average, the penis after it becomes 2-4 cm longer. Regular use of the extender for several months will increase the size by another 2-4 cm. The final result depends on the individual characteristics of the male body and baseline data.

The main indication is the patient’s desire to improve aesthetic performance.


skin diseases in the area of ​​the operation,

diseases of the genitourinary system,

urological diseases

urethral inflammation and other similar problems



Ligamentotomy is performed either through the pubic or through the scrotum. Through the incision is the intersection of the ligament. Ligamentotomy through scrotal access allows to reduce the operation time from 1-1.5 hours (standard ligamentotomy) to 20-30 minutes. The scar on the scrotum is almost invisible. Less tissue is damaged, shorter rehabilitation period.

The supporting ligament intersects, after which the penis must be kept stretched down during the rehabilitation period, otherwise the ligament may grow together in its original position. The penis is held tight with a stretcher – stretcher based on an elastic belt. As a result, the angle between the penis and the womb opens (increases). Also, the inside of the penis extends slightly outward, and it takes root in a new position. If you follow the recommendations during the rehabilitation period, you can get a penis extension of 1 to 2 cm. If without surgery it is guaranteed to increase to 3 cm, then with surgery it will be up to 4-5 cm, but with certain risks.


A side effect of ligamentotomy is a change in the angle of erection. The erect penis will be directed not forward and up, but forward and down. The operation should not affect the level of erection.


In ligamentotomy, the rehabilitation period is extremely important. The supporting ligament intersects. In order to prevent the ligament from growing in its original position, the penis should be kept stretched down during the rehabilitation period. To do this, use a stretcher – a stretcher based on an elastic belt. As a result, the angle between the penis and the bosom opens (increases). Also, the inside of the penis extends slightly outward, after which it takes root in a new position. If you do not fix the member in the correct position, it will gradually retract and take its original place.

A stretcher is worn for several hours a day at maximum traction. The device will not put pressure on the seam, compact, invisible under clothing, can be worn outside the house. You can start using it in the early postoperative period, which helps to eliminate the divergence of sutures and the formation of scars.

The result of the operation is fixed and improved for several months. But the first or second week will be critical. If the patient fails to apply a stretcher in these first days, then ligamentotomy will be meaningless.

After the operation, stress and pain are possible. If you don’t familiarize yourself with the stretcher and the extender in advance, don’t choose a convenient option for wearing devices, and do not adapt to their wearing, then it will be extremely problematic to experiment after the operation. Patients very often because of this refuse to wear devices or wear them for insufficient time.

Stretcher should be worn for the first 3 weeks, then gradually connect the extender, watching your feelings. Postoperative wearing of the extender can improve the result. After ligamentotomy, the extender stretches both the external and internal parts of the penis. Around this time, you can already have sex. Your doctor should tell you more about this and other precautions after surgery.

Often you can hear complaints that the operation did not give a result. These are just the cases when the patient did not follow the above recommendations.

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