Progutajući želučani balon Elipse

elipse shallowable gastric balloon

Progutajući želučani balon Elipse

In which the weight loss can be done by swallowable balloon which then transform inside the stomach. It develops a less hunger then usual when placed in stomach and while eating you will realize your stomach has full even though you haven’t eaten enough in that way you lose weight quickly.

Gastric balloon and Elipse swallowable balloon or gastroplasty endoscopy are the latest technique which is being followed by most of the countries. For people who want incision less treatment to lose weight quickly.

In order to eligible for any of bariatric surgery treatment your BMI body mass should be more than 30+ also you have tried exercise and diet plan before going for surgery, only people with age 60 and plus need to aware for some risk. For Elipse swallowable balloon age limit is 18 and above if suffer from obesity in early-stage BMI for elipse should above 27.

There isn’t any complication associated with the Elipse Swallowable balloon as It only require swallowing a pill which take only 20 minutes to settle inside the stomach. It also excretes out after 5 months naturally.

Due to the procedure Itself is incision less and require no surgery or cut there isn’t any healing time required after the swallowing the pill or capsule.

Results will gradually start to come as the time goes by over the course of 4-5 months one should lose around 15KG in total. Its highly depend on person age metabolic rate other.

After swallow the pill one might feel vomiting and slight discomfort this is only temporary effect as your stomach is adjusting with It you will feel normal and start your daily activities.


Doesn’t have any side effects besides, it is considered to be safest technique due to its incision less and pain free procedure. Also, it prevents the diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes

No individual feel pain when opting to elipse swallowable technique, as It only require swallowing a pill shape tablet which transform into a balloon in stomach.

The average cost for bariatric surgery in Turkey starts from $3200 to all the way up to $5000. Sometimes even more as every method has his own cost depending on the individual age how severe the obesity issue and other factors.

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