The shape of the prosthesis: Round or Drop shaped silicones?


There are two different shapes when it comes to silicone implants. Round shaped silicones are equal in size and shape both horizontally and vertically. They are exactly round. Women who have an appeal for low cut outfits prefer this shape as they fill the upper part of their breasts too. Drop shaped silicones are denser at the bottom and lesser in size at the top. This provides a more natural appearance. If you desire an anatomically similar appearance to your current breasts with an enlarged size and a natural appearance, then Saluss recommends drop shaped silicones.


Advantages of Round silicones:

  •  Fuller looking breasts
  •  Light sagging
  •  No risk of deformity
  •  Plum appearance preserved throughout its lifetime

Advantages of Drop Silicones:

  •  Anatomically a more natural appearance
  •  Harder and firmer feel than round silicones
  •  No risk of sagging

The size of the silicone is determined by your preference and bodily proportions. Your shoulder width, breast capacity, weight and height are taken into consideration. Your Saluss surgeon will discuss all available options during your consultation.


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