Differences of FUE and DHI Hair Transplant Methods

fue hair transplant

fue hair transplant

What is FUE?

This is a process in which hair follicles known as grafts are extracted from the donor area via a micro motor machine and then implanted into the implant area by first opening a canal and then placing the hair by its root inside with a tweezer.


 What is DHI?

The process in which we have follicles are extracting is the same as with FUE method. The difference between FUE and DHI hair transplants are the way the hairs are implanted. With the DHI method the grafts are implanted via a CHOI implanter pen. The most advantageous factor of the DHI method is That it provides the ability to open a can now into the head and implant a hair at the same time without making contact with the root.

 The differences between FUE and DHI hair transplants


· With a DHI method the CHOI pen Can open a canal into the head and implant the hair at the same time which avoids any damage to the roots.


· It is much easier to implant the hairs at a specific angle with the DHI method in order to provide a more natural look.


· Because the CHOI pen directly implants hairs into the head there is much less bleeding than with FUE transplants.


· DHI hair transplants allow for thicker results as the method allows for almost 2.5 times the number of grafts to be implanted per person compared to FUE transplants.


· DHI Hair transplants allow for more than twice the amount of grafts to be implanted per cm2. For example while you can implant 70 to 100 hairs via the DHI method, you can only implant 40 to 50 hairs via the FUE method.

· The healing and recovery time for DHI patients is much shorter.


· DHI method has less risk of infection


· While the first hair wash for DHI patients is performed 24 hours after the procedure, FUE patients must wait 48 hours.


· DHI hair transplants are able to be performed on patients who do not want to have their head shaved.


· The FUE method is much more successful on those with larger balded areas.


· Because the equipment cost is much lower for FUE transplants, the treatment cost is also lower.

dhı hair transplant


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