• 15 studenoga 2018
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  1.  For healthy and safe pregnancies, you must wait at least 18 months (1.5 Years) in order for your weight to stabilise. In some cases pregnancy becomes a higher possibility for women who suffer from infertility related to obesity. For all patients however, a waiting period of at least 18 months must be fulfilled before trying for pregnancy.
  2. Make sure to make regular visits to your doctor to ensure you are undergoing a safe pregnancy and that you are well hydrated, consuming prenatal vitamins and supplemental iron if prescribed and that you consume fresh fruit and vegatables daily.
  3. During your stay here in Antalya, Turkey, your SALUSS surgeon and team will provide all the necessary support and advice regarding both your procedure and what to do next. This includes all the advice you need about future pregnancies directly from your surgeon.
  4. You may want to have a gastric sleeve to increase your chance of actually getting pregnant. Obesity can result in high estrogen levels that can return to normal following weight loss.
  5.  Your birth control pills may also lose their effectiveness post surgery so take extra caution. Your SALUSS surgeon will be happy to consult you and give advice on what to use from now on.
  6.  A pregnancy that occurs after surgery can cause serious problems for you and your baby because of the excessive weight loss and lower than normal levels of nutrition. If in need of a c-section, you will also benefit from the loss of weight.
  7.  During your stay here in Antalya and after your return home, your SALUSS team and surgeon will provide all the post-op care and aftercare advice you will need as well as a full set of precautions. Some precautions to take during pregnancy and the days before include:
  •  Correcting your vitamin deficiencies fitting and before conception.
  •  Taking prenatal supplements.
  •  Talking to the right people and experts such as your doctor and an OB/GYN.
  •  Checking your blood and homocystein levels.
  • Paying great attention to your nutritional intake


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